The Client Experience

The Client Experience

Virtual Reality

We are making breakthroughs within the realm of Virtual Reality and its use cases within architecture.  With our own in-house software, clients are able to, with unprecedented realism, get a virtual feel for their space before the ground breaks.

We even create our own VR apps, and can provide our clients with their own VR headsets and our software, to experience their homes from anywhere – before the ground even breaks.


By using Archicad, one of the most advanced software packages in the industry, we are able to work with nimble precision at lightning fast speeds.  By modeling our projects in 3D, we are able to study and enhance them in ways that 2D just doesn’t allow.


Not only does the added dimensionality help us better communicate ideas to Clients and Contractors, the modeling gives us the ability and confidence to dig deeper into designs, and reduces the likelihood of errors and miscommunications.  This makes for more efficient and better designed projects.

Client Access

Our clients are able to access their plans anywhere with the free BIMx app, which not only allows for a 2D view, but also brings the plans to life with 3D renderings.  They can manipulate the model in real time to get a real feel for their space.


Any time a change is requested, we are able to process and update the models within just a few minutes.  Because we use advanced architectural modeling software and work in 3D, changes are processed within hours rather the typical weeks it takes for other firms who don’t leverage technology.


Our renderings are crafted in real time with amazing GPU accelerated software packages whose roots lie in the video games industry.

By incorporating it into our process, we are able to deliver stunning architectural presentations, with a high degree of realism and crystal-clear 4K movie quality.  This brings to our clients a greater degree of confidence in our design, as it creates a new artistic, realistic way for them to experience our design.


3D Printer

Our software allows us to produce physical 3D models of our projects using our Axiom 3D printers.


Not only are they great for HOA and County meetings, but the architectural models are also a hit with our clients.