The work environment at d|a is lively and collaborative. Every project is a team endeavor. Our office is open and airy with stand up desks and plenty of interaction. We’re all driven by our own sense of accomplishment and achievement and are left to our own devices to determine our best work habits. By automating a large degree of the process, we’re allowed more time and space to develop really creative solutions for our clients.

We utilize the best software and technology on the market to enhance our productivity and client experience.  Our current blend of tools includes:

  • ARCHICAD – every design is fully modeled and kept live throughout the entire project. Our template automates most of our working drawings which greatly reduces errors and time spent drafting and chasing revisions.
  • TWINMOTION – a very high end rendering software that utilizes the Unreal E4 Rendering Engine. We use this to convey everything from site conditions to realistic material configurations for client approvals.
  • BIMX – an easy save directly out of the ArchiCAD software, BIMx is a viewer experience for our clients and contractors that allows them to fully explore the project model on any OS, iOS, PC or Android Device.
  • VIRTUAL REALITY – Twinmotion and BIMx both include options to experience the designs in Virtual Reality.
  • 3D PRINTING – we have a 3D printer in house and can produce physical models for our clients.
  • DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY AND PHOTOGRAMMETRY – our drone is used to capture site conditions including views and contours and is great for documenting the construction progress and the final product.

Our employee compensation is generally high for the industry. We use an incentive and merit based bonus system to encourage efficiency and innovation in the studio and give our employees autonomy so they can find their potential.




Design Associates Architects, LLC dba Design Associates Architects has one job opening for the position of Designer, splitting time between our Driggs, ID office (20 South Main Street, Driggs, ID 83422) and our Jackson, WY office (125 S. S King St, Jackson, WY 83001). At least 30% of time must be spent in Jackson, WY office, while remaining time may be split between offices based on employee preference.

Job duties include: Draft project design documents from concept-phase through construction-phase, for both new-construction and existing-build projects; Produce design documents incorporating initial sketches by principal architect, client spatial/layout/cost specifications, LEED certification requirements, consultant-generated 2D drawing and 3D modeling inputs, local codes and regulations, and best practices regarding planning, structural, egress, environmental, and safety; Employ massing models and diagrammatic techniques to develop design-phase plan variations/options that facilitate cost-assessment and cost-reduction solutions; Analyze design-phase plans to ensure cohesive design, compliance with structural requirements, local planning & building codes, and compatibility between structural, electrical, mechanical and architectural systems; Research industry-related developments and innovations in the areas of green building solutions, systems, technologies, software, and materials, for implementation in concept-phase through construction-phase design planning processes; Use VR-Models, 2D & 3D modeling software to develop and integrate 2D drawings and 3D models for use in concept- phase and construction-phase purposes.

Skills Required: REQUIRES AT LEAST 12 MONTHS OF PRIOR EXPERIENCE WITH THE FOLLOWING TOOLS, TECHNOLOGIES AND/OR SKILLS: ArchiCAD; Revit; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator; Architectural Visualization & Rendering; Preparing and Submitting Building Permits; and Massing Models and Diagrammatic Techniques. ALSO REQUIRES SOME PRIOR EXPERIENCE, TRAINING OR EDUCATION WITH THE FOLLOWING: Producing accurate architectural visuals using ArchiCAD, Vray rendering & Photoshop software; Creating detailed 3d BimX models which can be used by contractors on site for material take offs, structural & architectural system visualization, and detail discussion; Using ArchiCAD to produce documentation specifying site location, building layout, structure, details, material schedules, finishes, approximate costs & schedules and code requirements; and Using local codes and regulations during design phases to meet all planning, structural, egress, environmental, safety and other requirements.

Education and Experience Required: Requires a Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Architecture, plus 36 months of experience as an Architectural Drafter, Architectural Designer, Drafter, Designer, or similar occupation. Alternatively, employer will accept a Master's degree (or foreign equivalent) in Architecture, plus 12 months of experience as an Architectural Drafter, Architectural Designer, Drafter, Designer, or similar occupation.


Position is full-time, year-round. Designer is expected to work 40 hours each week. Pre-hire background check is required. Salary DOE, paid biweekly. Medical and dental insurance, life insurance, and paid holidays available. If interested, contact Office Manager, Kathy Lee,

Applicants should have computer skills, be proficient in ArchiCAD and have a basic understanding of architecture and regional construction methods. Education in Architecture, Engineering or Interior Design required.  IDP Credit and ArchiCAD training available.

Applicants should have basic computer and IT skills and experience with software platforms like Photoshop, Sketchup, Unreal, Unity, Twinmotion, as well as emerging technology like AR, VR, 3D Printing and Drone flight, photography and phogrammetry.  Education in Architecture, Engineering or Interior Design not required.  Full and Part Time Positions available.

Applicants should be skilled at custom home and commercial building design and be familiar with the regional construction methods and character. Hand or CAD drafting can work. Proficiency in ArchiCAD preferred but not required. Applicants need not be local provided they have the ability to work remotely via network.

If you’re interested in any of the above positions, send a resume and brief cover letter with your pitch and qualifications to